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The majority of mods can be found at The Oblivion Nexus

Oblivion Mods


  1. BOSS
    Organizes your load order
  2. Oblivion Mod Manager
    You can use this or Mod Organizer
  3. Mod Organizer
    You can use this or Oblivion Mod Manager
  4. Wrye Bash
    Allows you to organize your load order
  5. Blockhead
    Important for certain mods
  6. LOOT
    Allows you to organize your load order
  7. MenuQue - OBSE Plugin
    A plugin for the Oblivion Script Extender
  8. NifSE
    Important for certain mods
  9. Coronerras Maximum Compatibility Skeletons
    Important for certain mods
  10. Oblivion Script Extender - OBSE
    Important for many mods
  11. OBSE _Elys- Universal Silent Voice
    Important for certain mods
  12. Pluggy
    Important for certain mods
  13. SM Plugin Refurbish
    Important for certain mods


  1. All of Yuravica's work
    Yuravica has ALOT of clothing replacers. Over 100 in fact.


  1. Colored Quests
    Makes quests colored in your journal for easier tracking and viewing
  2. Deadly Reflex
    A combat overhaul
  3. Living Economy
    Completely overhauls prices and the overall economy
  4. Oblivion Reloaded - OBGE V4
    A full overhaul
  5. Unnecessary Violence III - Critical Mess
    A combat overhaul
  6. Better Cities
    Makes cities much larger.
  7. Better Dungeons
    Makes dungeons not all feel the same
  8. GOSH - Gecko's Oblivion Sound Overhaul
    A complete overhaul of sounds
  9. Map Marker Overhaul
    A complete overhaul of the map marker system
  10. Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul
    A complete overhaul
  11. Oblivion Character Overhaul V2.0
    Completely overhauls character creation and NPC faces
  12. Oscuros Oblivion Overhaul V1.35A
    Complete overhaul
  13. Oscuros Oblivion Overhaul Shivering Isles
    Complete overhaul of the Shivering Isles DLC
  14. Orsimer Overhaul
    May or may not be incompatible with Character Overhaul. I find this one better for Orsimer, especially the females.

Player Homes

  1. Cheydinhal Abandoned House REBORN
    My favourite mod for Oblivion, this makes the Cheydinhal Abandoned House that the Dark Brotherhood resides below SO much better for a place to live
  2. Cheydinhal Abandoned House REBORN Hotfix
    Fixes the annoying red window glitch.
  3. Frostcrag Reborn
    Overhauls the Frostcrag Spire DLC.

Texture and Mesh Replacers

Weapon and Armour Additions

  1. Spider Daedra Armour
    Gives you armour similar to that of the Spider Daedra
  2. JK The Shadow Armor
    Adds a unique masked piece of armor for thieves or assassins

Quests and Factions

  1. A Brotherhood Renewed
    More quests for the Dark Brotherhood
  2. Evergloam - Thieves Guild Continued
    More quests for the Thieves Guild and lets you go to Nocturnal's plane of Oblivion: The Evergloam
  3. Knights of the Nine Revelation
    More quests for the Knights of the Nine
  4. Mannimarco Resurrection - Light and Dark
    A King of Worms mod that is compatible with Mannimarco Revisited
  5. Mannimarco Revisited
    Completely remakes the King of Worms and his dungeon, all to be more like he appeared in Daggerfall rather than some normal pansy Altmer
  6. Path of the Skull Bearer
    A new quest for you to take on for the Daedric Prince of Dreams and Nightmares: Vaermina
  7. Reclaiming Sancre Tor
    Re-build the fortress of Sancre Tor, where Reman Cyrodiil and his successor's are buried. This site is legendary in lore
  8. Servant of the Dawn
    The only mod I can find that adds the Mythic Dawn as a faction and goes in depth with it
  9. The Lost Spires
    A grand adventure I dare not to spoil


  1. A Better Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
    Makes the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary....better
  2. Alternative Start Arrive by Ship
    Instead of arriving in the Imperial Prisons, you arrive by ship
  3. Atmospheric Oblivion
    Adds atmospheric sounds all over the world
  4. Bald Hairstyle
    Mostly used for my Orsimer/Orc characters
  5. Bandits and Highwaymen Without Leveled Items
    Exactly as the title says
  6. Bedrools and Tents Anyone
    Adds tents and bedrolls to the game
  7. Benirus Manor Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
    Adds a Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary to the basement of the house in Anvil
  8. Crime has Witnesses
    Crimes have witnesses
  9. Cyrodiil Transportation Network 2.0
    Allows you to travel in different ways similar to in Morrowind
  10. Cyrodiil Travel Services
    Does the same as Cyrodiil Transportation Network 2.0, allowing yout o travel in different ways similar to in Morrowind
  11. Black Horse Courier Expanded
    Adds more Black Horse Courier articles to read
  12. Camping
    Lets you get a bedroll, fire, and tent to carry around
  13. COBL
    A world enrichment mod that adds little things here and there
  14. Dark Brotherhood - The Forgotten Sewers V3
    Adds a Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary to the Imperial Sewers
  15. Bravil Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
    Adds a Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary to Bravil
  16. DarkUld DarN
    Alters the menu
  17. Dynamic Map
    Several ways you can change the map
  18. Journal Mod
    Allows you to write your own journal entries in a book.
  19. Oblivion Enhanced Camera
    Allows you to see the rest of your body when you look down.
  20. Finger Snap Animation
    Spell animation where you snap your fingers to produce effects rather than raise your hand or push it forward
  21. Heroic Female Idle Replacer
    Makes your female character look badass when standing still
  22. Journal Mod
    Allows you to write in your own little journal to take notes or record the progress of your adventures.
  23. Keychain
    Adds a keychain which acts as an inventory for all your keys so that they dont clutter up your entire menu
  24. Killiana a Spider Daedra Companion
    Adds a spell that lets you summon a unique Daedra Spider as a companion. Her appearance is unique
  25. Kvatch Rebuilt
    Kvatch gets rebuilt soon after you destroy the first Oblivion gate
  26. Life Like God Statues
    Makes statues feel more real
  27. Lootable Merchant Chests
    Makes it so merchants have chests you can look by pickpocketing or gives a key to each chest for you to find
  28. Merchants Buy Stolen Goods
    Just as the title says
  29. NPC's Yield
    Makes new scripts for NPC's to yield or even not fight at all
  30. Oblivifall
    There are many files that do many things in Oblivifall.
  31. Real Sleep Extended with Portable Bedrolls
    Makes sleeping more immersive
  32. Robes Over
    Lets you wear robes over your armor like in previous games
  33. Shack Basements
    Shacks now have basements
  34. Show my amulets
    Your clothes no longer hide your amulets
  35. Sounds of Cyrodiil
    Puts ambient sounds all around so no environment is soundless
  36. Supreme Magicka Update
    Makes magic even better
  37. Thieves Arsenal
    Includes various things for thieves including new arrows with new effects. Lore freindly.
  38. Traveler's Cloaks
    Now you can wear cloaks!
  39. Unique Landscapes
    Exactly as the title says
  40. Unofficial Oblivion DLC Patches
    Fixes many bugs and glitches for all the DLC's except Shivering Isles (see below)
  41. Unofficial Oblivion Patch
    Fixes many bugs and glitches in Oblivion
  42. Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch
    Fixes many bugs and glitches in the Shivering Isles DLC

My Mods

  1. Imperial Library Obscure Texts
    Adds various texts from the Imperial Library to Cyrodiil


  1. A Female Xivilai
    Adds female Xivilai to the game
  2. Creatures Replacers with D**ks
    Gives various creatures d**ks
  3. D**ks for Horses
    Gives every horse a d**k
  4. F-INevOlivion Skinset for EC and HGEC
    Some skinsets
  5. HGEC Body
    Body replacer with various settings for nudity. Does not include Argonians. See below
  6. HGEC Argonians and More Nude Fix
    HGEC Body settings for Argonians, and a setting fix for HGEC
  7. Luchaires HGEC Body Seam Reducer
    Reduces seams on the body for HGEC so it looks less stitch/puppet/mannequin-like
  8. NoMaaM BBB Animation Replacer
    Replaces the animations for BBB
  9. Oblivion Sexualised Monsters
    Makes nearly all monsters in the game more adult
  10. Robert Male Body Replacer V5.2
    Replaces the male body both on your character and NPC's
  11. Oblivion