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The majority of mods can be found at, and the The Morrowind Nexus

Morrowind Mods

Graphics and Utilities

  1. MLOX
    Update your load order with this program
  2. Morrowind Code Patch
    Impliments various patches as well as other effects. I highly reccomend using this, as it is required for ALL Morrowind playthroughs. I highly reccomend ticking: Extra Ring Slot, Map Extension for Tamriel Rebuilt, and Swift Cast.
  3. Morrowind Graphics Extender
    A project the wrap the various DirectX dlls used by morrowind
  4. Morrowind Graphics Extender XE
    Allows Morrowind to render distant views, scenery shadows, high quality shaders, UI scaling and other features.
  5. Morrowind Script Extender
    Allows for more scripts that the vanilla game cannot handle. This is important to run various mods. I dont know about anyone else but I get frequent problems when I attempt to use MWSE
  6. Morrowind Graphics and Sound Overhaul
    A complete overhaul of Morrowind's graphics and sound. This is very hardware intensive, highly unoptimized, and is only reccomended if you absolutely CANNOT stand the vanilla graphics of Morrowind and dont want to apply your own textures yourself.
  7. MWEdit
    An alternative to the Morrowind CS. I use it for deleting empty topics in particular.
  8. TESAME 1.0
    Allows you to clean mods. Especially GMST's
  9. TESTool
    Allows you to do multiple things, I specifically use it if I want to change my load order manually
  10. Wrye Mash Standalone
    Does various things. I use it for ticking my mods in case clicking on "Data Files" crashes the program


  1. Azura's Gown
    Add's the Gown of the Daedric Prince of Dawn and Dusk to the game. It is given to you when you defeat Dagoth Ur and talk to Azura. Semi-lore friendly.
  2. Armoured Robes
    Adds Armoured Robes to the game. They are lore friendly, and well balanced, even if a bit weak. Great for beginner characters. This mod is primarily for mages or thieves who prefer light armour. Lore friendly.
  3. Ascended Sleepers Robe
    Add's the robe the Ascended Sleeper's wear to the game. You can loot it off the Sleeper's body and look quite nice. Great for a sixth house based character. Lore friendly.
  4. Clothiers of Vvardenfell
    Adds various pieces of clothing to the game. Lore friendly.
  5. Fine Clothiers of Tamriel
    Adds various pieces of clothing to the game. Lore friendly.
  6. Gothic Attire Complete
    Adds a building that has a wide varety of new clothing. Not lore-friendly, but fun none the less.
  7. Great House Dagoth Teleport Ring
    Allows you to teleport to each of the 7 Ash Vampire locations via a ring. This is best used with the "Great House Dagoth" mod. Not lore friendly.
  8. Hilgya the Seamstress
    Adds various pieces of clothing to the game. Lore friendly.
  9. Hilgya the Seamstress Expansion I
    An expansion to the above mod. Lore friendly.
  10. House Dagoth Outfit
    Adds a dome atop Kogoruhn with special House Dagoth clothing. Great for a Sixth House character. Lore friendly.
  11. The Morrowind Strut
    Adds a pair of shoes that causes the Bee Gee's "Stayin Alive" song to start when you start walking. Not lore friendly, obviously, but fun to show friends, and fun to use whilst waterwalking to show your swag. Not lore friendly.
  12. The Night Gallery
    Adds a building containing new tapestries, rugs, clothing, and more. Sort of lore-friendly, since we know there is a famous khajiit tapestry artist, but some of the images might not be lore-friendly.
  13. Seifuku 2.5
    Adds a shop in Balmora that has Sailor Moon schoolgirl outfits. Obviously not lore-friendly.

Player Homes

  1. Balmora Fish House
    Add's a fisherman's house near Balmora. Great for characters who are poor. Not alot of storage space, and the place is very cluttered. Perhaps a worshipper of Sheogorath could live here as a madman. Lore friendly.
  2. Deepscorn
    Adds a cave/home that resembles the Deepscorn Hollow in Oblivion. Not lore-friendly in the sense that Deepscorn Hollow is located in southern Cyrodiil, but lore friendly in all other respects.
  3. Solstheim Seaside Cabin
    Adds a comfy cabin west of the Port in Solstheim. Plenty of storage space, though a bit of a pain to travel there unless you have a mark spell. Lore friendly.
  4. Wolverine Hall Well House
    Adds a home under the well in Wolverine Hall. It's lore-friendly and is perfect for novice mages. Not alot of storage space though.

Sounds, Voices, and Music

  1. Almalexia Voice Addon
    Voices all of Almalexia's lines. Not lore friendly as it's not her real voice.
  2. Ambient Town Sounds for Morrowind
    Adds ambient sounds to town and bars such as chattering of random people, clinking of plates and glass, etc. Lore-friendly and immersive, and works great with the vanilla game. Lore friendly.
  3. Atmospheric Sound Effects
    Adds a variety of sounds for atmosphere. Lore friendly.
  4. Barilzar Voice Addon
    Voices all of Barilzar's lines. Not lore friendly as it's not his real voice.
  5. Better Sounds
    Replaces many vanilla sounds. I have yet to try this mod. Lore friendly.
  6. Dagoth Gares Voice Addon
    Voices all of Dagoth Gare's lines. Not lore friendly as it's not his real voice.
  7. Dagoth Ur Voice Addon
    Voices all of Dagoth Ur's lines, though some might find it to be too "cliche" for a bad guy's voice. Not lore friendly as it's not his real voice.
  8. Expanded Sounds
    Adds various sounds to the wilderness. Lore friendly.
  9. Vivec Voice Addon
    Voices all of Vivec's lines. Not lore friendly as it's not his real voice.

Texture and Mesh Replacers

  1. Arukinn's Better Books and Scrolls
    Retextures books in Morrowind to make them look better. Lore Friendly.
  2. Avenger's Female Armor
    Adds female versions of all armors in Morrowind and Tribunal, giving some of them a slight bust. Lore friendly.
  3. Azura Replacer
    Replaces Azura's horrifying vanilla appearance, but keeps true to the vanilla appearance. Works nice with better bodies. Lore friendly.
  4. Beastfolk of Arena
    In TES I: The Arena, Khajiit and Argonians looked very different, more humanoid. This makes them in Morrowind more like they were in The Arena. Lore friendly.
  5. Better Almalexia
    Replaces Almalexia's horrifying vanilla appearance, but keeps true to the vanilla appearance. Works nice with better bodies. Lore friendly.
  6. Better Clothes
    Replaces a large number of clothing to something that fits Better Bodies. Lore friendly.
  7. Better Clothes for Tribunal
    Replaces a large number of clothing in Tribuanl to something that fits Better Bodies. Lore friendly.
  8. Better Clothes Bloodmoon Plus
    Replaces a large number of clothing in Bloodmoon to something that fits Better Bodies. Lore friendly.
  9. Better Dreamers
    Gives Dreamers more face variety. You can use the faces too. Perfect to use with Great House Dagoth mod, or the Sixth House mod. Lore friendly.
  10. Better Heads
    Replaces all heads and hair to something that fits better bodies. Lore friendly.
  11. Blighted Animals
    Makes animals infected with Blight Disease look different to healthy ones, specifically recolouring them into a sickly pale white colour. Lore friendly.
  12. Book Jackets
    Retextures books in Morrowind to make them look better. Lore Friendly.
  13. Bound Weapon Replacer
    Makes bound weapons look better. Lore friendly.
  14. CanadianIce NioLiv's Robe Replacer
    Makes robes look so much better. Works well with better clothes, bodies, and heads. Lore friendly.
  15. Cavern of the Incarnate Overhaul
    Makes the legendary Cavern of the Incarnate look much better. Might be a bit intensive on lower systems. Lore friendly.
  16. Concept Art Ghostfence Replacer
    Makes the Ghostfence look like the Concept Art version. Semi-lore friendly.
  17. Daggerfall Style Necromancer's Amulet
    Replaces the Necromancer's Amulet to look more like it did in Daggerfall. Lore friendly.
  18. Dagoth Almalexia Outfit
    Makes Almalexia's outfit look like a 6th House outfit. Works with "Better Almalexia". Not lore friendly.
  19. Diseased Animals
    Makes animals that have diseases (except Blight) look different from healthy ones, specifically colouring them a sickly red colour. Lore friendly.
  20. Divine Dagoth Ur
    Makes Dagoth Ur look scarier and better. Works well with better bodies, heads, and clothes. Lore friendly.
  21. Dwemer Bow and Helmet
    Adds a Dwemer bow and helmet to the game, but only the bow is worth it if you are playing an archer. Lore friendly.
  22. Dwemer Crossbow Replacer
    Replaces the vanilla Dwemer Crossbow appearance. Lore friendly.
  23. Femme Vehk Replacer
    Makes Vivec into a female. Definately lore-friendly, since Vivec is a hermaphrodite.
  24. Melian's Teleport Mod
    Allows for multiple Mark's to be placed, rather than just 1. Semi-lore friendly.
  25. More Better Clothes
    Replaces a large number of clothing to something that fits Better Bodies and better heads that Better Clothes did not add. Lore friendly.
  26. Natural Night Sky
    Makes the night sky beautiful. Lore-friendly, and even shows the 3 charges (the warrior, thief, and mage) within the sky. Look here for screenshots. Lore friendly.
  27. Snow Prince Enhanced
    Makes the snow prince's armour different from vanilla. Semi-lore-friendly, as I'm not sure if an ancient Falmer would have used what looks like Stalhrim armour.
  28. Unique Finery Replacer
    Replaces fine items. LOAD THIS AFTER UNIQUE JEWELRY AND ACCESSORIES. Lore friendly.
  29. Unique Jewelry and Accessories
    Replaces unique jewelry and accessories. LOAD THIS BEFORE UNIQUE FINERY Replacer. Lore friendly.
  30. Vivec God Replacement Creature Edition V1.2
    Various replacers for Vivec. Make sure to go into the file and look at which one you want. One version includes placing a blue flame around his head, as depicted in various pieces of concept art for Vivec, and one incudes the Oht sigil on his face, which was also seen in concept art. Semi-lore friendly.
  31. Worn Texture Menu Scroll Replacer
    Replaces the vanilla scroll screen to be more worn. Lore friendly.

Weapon and Armour Additions

  1. Adul's Leggings
    Adds a merchant to sell leggings for Beast races, since they cant normally wear boots. Lore friendly.
  2. Art of War Museum
    Adds a museum filled with weapons, armor, and a few more neat things. Semi-lore-friendly, as it has Dragons, even though dragons are endangered and theres no way one would be kept in a museum.
  3. Beast Leggings Set 1
    Adds some merchants to sell leggings for Beast races, since they cant normally wear boots. Lore friendly.
  4. Carnithius Armamentarium Complete
    Adds a building with amazing gothic-style armours with much variety. Not lore-friendly.
  5. Dragon Priest Masks
    Adds the Dragon Priest Masks from Skyrim into Morrowind. Each mask is carefully placed in a specific location. Not lore friendly, as the only known Dragon Priest Masks exist in Skyrim and on Solstheim.
  6. Full Dragonscale Armour Set
    Vanilla morrowind only had a Dragonscale cuirass. This adds the rest of the armour to the game, and is balanced to be similar to that of the vanilla Dragonscale cuirass in terms of both appearance and defense. Lore friendly.
  7. Golden Saint Armour
    Allows you to loot and wear the Armour from Golden Saints. Works for both males and females. Lore friendly.
  8. HELLUVA Awesome Armor Completion Set
    Completes many missing armor sets. Lore friendly.
  9. Keening Reforged V2.1
    Allows you to craft Keening into other weapon types such a spear or an axe. Only lore-friendly in the sense that a Dwemer is the one doing it and he's a master enchanter and armourer, but unfriendly in the sense that keening is a dagger and still is a dagger in Skyrim. Not lore friendly.
  10. The Lost Artifacts of Morrowind
    Adds artifacts from The Elder Scrolls that were not in the vanilla game. Lore-friendly.
  11. The Lost Artifacts of Tamriel: MWSE Addon
    An addon to The Lost Artifacts of morrowind that requires Morrowind Script Extender. Lore-friendly
  12. Mabrigash Armoured Robes
    Adds a pair of Armoured Robes from the Mabrigash Ashlander tribe on the mainland. Lore friendly.
  13. Morag Tong Armor
    Adds a pair of Morag Tong armor to the game. Lore friendly.
  14. RR Mod Series - Better Telvanni Cephalopod Armor
    Adds an awesome pair of Cephalopod Armor and clothing.
  15. Spear-Staff Fix
    Lowers your hand position on spears and staves to be more like how a real staff and spear would be used. Lore friendly.
  16. The Suicide Dagger
    Go kill yourself. Lore friendly.
  17. Telvanni Cephalopod Armour
    Adds an awesome Telvanni pair of Armour and Robes based on this piece of artwork. Lore friendly.
  18. Telvanni Cephalopod Armour V2
    Adds the above Telvanni Cephalopod Armour to the game in a new way, and an optional .esp to give Archmagister Gothren the robes. Lore friendly.

Quests and Factions

  1. Antare's Tribunal Main Quest
    Alters the main quest of Tribunal. Note lore-friendly.
  2. The Black Queen Chronicles
    Follow the story of the Black Queen, Morgiah, and the King of Worms, Mannimarco. Not lore-friendly, but fun to see those two after 422 years that take place between Daggerfall and Morrowind.
  3. Great House Dagoth
    Allows you to join House Dagoth and rule by Dagoth Ur's side. The Sixth House mod does the same thing, but differently. This mod should be used with The Tribe Unmourned mod listed below. This mod contains many bugs that stopped me from playing it. You can read a review I wrote of it Here. Not lore friendly.
  4. The Haunted Tavern of the West Gash
    Add's a spooky tavern with mysteries to explore. You can read a review I wrote of it here. Lore friendly.
  5. Illuminated Order Allows you to become a lich through a series of quests. You can read a review I wrote of it here. Lore friendly.
  6. Main Quest Enhancers
    Makes going through the main quest more immersive. Very lore-friendly.
  7. Morag Tong Expanded
    More quests for you in the Morag Tong. You can read a review I wrote of it here. Semi-lore friendly.
  8. The Muck Shovel of Vivec
    Adds a small quest for you to obtain the legendary Muck Shovel of Vivec. You can find a review I wrote of it here. Not lore friendly
  9. Rise of House Telvanni
    More quests for you in House Telvanni. You can read a review I wrote of it here. Semi-lore friendly.
  10. The Sable Dragon
    Adds a tavern with various NPC's with various quests for you to do. You can read a review I wrote of it here. Lore friendly.
  11. Sixth House V2.03
    Allows you to join House Dagoth and rule by Dagoth Ur's side. The Great House Dagoth mod does the same thing, but differently. This mod should be used with The Tribe Unmourned mod listed below. You can read a review I wrote of it here. Not lore friendly.
  12. Sotha Sil Expanded
    Makes Sotha Sil's Clockwork City more unique and....gigantic. Considered lore-friendly by many people, but I do not. You can read a review I wrote of it Here. Semi-lore friendly.
  13. Sotha Sil Expanded - Gestalt Revoiced
    Sotha Sil Expanded's voice This fixes that. Semi-lore friendly.
  14. Suran Underworld 3
    Adds a new faction with quests for you to do. You can read a review I wrote of it here. Lore friendly.
  15. Tamriel Rebuilt
    The greatest and biggest mod to morrowind ever, it adds the entire mainland for exploration with so many quests, npc's, textures, meshes, etc that it is a project that is still not done, even after over a decade of work. Make sure to check the "How to install" video here
  16. To Serve Sithis
    Allows you to join the Dark Brotherhood. You can read a review I wrote of it here. Not lore friendly.
  17. Twin Lamps
    Allows you to join the Twin Lamps and free slaves and perhaps even make slavery illegal. You can read a review I wrote of it here. Not lore-friendly, as slavery wasn't made illegal until inbetween the events of Morrowind in 3E 427, and Oblivion in 3E 433.
  18. Vivec's Fate: The Ashlander Heresy
    Tells the story of what might have happened to Vivec after the main quest. Not lore-friendly.
  19. Welcome to the Arena
    Let's you join The Arena in Vivec's Arena canton. It works similarly to the Arena in Oblivion and is quite fun. Semi-lore friendly.


  1. Abot's Mods
    A large number of mods made by Abot including watching your character travel from town to town via ship, putting more creatures underwater, hiding corpses, animating containers, and much more. Most are lore friendly.
  2. Animated Morrowind
    Adds various animations to NPC's. Lore friendly.
  3. Animated Morrowind II
    The sequal to Animated Morrowind. Lore friendly.
  4. Animated Morrowind Expanded
    Even more animations. Lore friendly.
  5. Antares Creatures - Cecaelia
    Adds a tentacled monster to the game. Great battle for mid-leveled characters. Not lore friendly.
  6. Arkngthand 2.0
    Makes Arkngthand bigger. This is the first dungeon in the main quest and long time players of Morrowind fill enjoy the change of pace for the now expanded Dwemer ruin. Lore-friendly.
  7. Arrow De-Knocker
    You can now de-knock your arrows. No more wasted arrows! Great for archer characters. Lore friendly.
  8. Ashlander Transports
    Adds fast travel to Ashlander camps. Not lore friendly.
  9. Atmospheric Plazas
    Makes the windows in the plaza region of Vivec's canterns have light shine through. Very pretty. Lore friendly.
  10. Better Chargen
    Revamps the Census and Excise Office as well as disabled the tutorial screenshots. Lore friendly.
  11. Carryable Campfires
    Carry around a campfire with you! Simply drag and drop. Lore friendly.
  12. CharGen Revamped 1.4
    Sick of arriving in Seyda Neen as a prisoner on a boat? This fixes that and allows you to choose multiple locations with your choice of armour, weapons, and accessories. Lore friendly.
  13. Corgi Companion
    Adds a friendly dog companion. Not lore friendly, as Corgi's aren't known to exist in The Elder Scrolls.
  14. Delayed DB Attack V2
    Delays the Dark Brotherhood from attacking you until certain conditions are met. Semi-lore friendly.
  15. Dwemer Race Mod
    Adds a Dwemer playable race. Not lore friendly as the Dwemer went extinct (with the exception of Yagrum Bagarn) in 1E 416 and Morrowind takes place in 3E 427.
  16. Easy Camping
    Adds a grabable and portable wood fire and bedroll to the game. Lore friendly.
  17. Eat Corpses
    Instead of "Dispose of Corpse", it now reads "Eat Corpse". Great for characters who are Bosmer, or worship Namira. Lore friendly.
  18. Endusal and Tureynulal Redone
    Replaces the Dwemer ruins where you obtain Sunder and Keening. Great for long time players of Morrowind so the change of pace is nice. Semi-lore friendly.
  19. Fair Magicka Regen V2B
    Let's your Magicka Regenerate over time. Makes being a mage too easy. Lore friendly.
  20. Fligg's Slave Mod
    Lets you buy slaves from existing slave traders, such as the one in Sadrith Mora, sell slaves, claim slaves found in caves, and makes slaves as companions. Lore friendly.
  21. Free More Slaves
    Exactly as the title says. Lore friendly.
  22. Go To Jail
    Allows you to actually GO to jail. Do not collect $200. Lore friendly.
  23. Graphic Herbalism V1.2
    Allows you to simply tap spacebar to loot alchemical ingrediants, rather than going through a window. This mod needs to be finished as it does not work for all flowers and fauna. This mod is great for any and all alchemist characters. Lore friendly.
  24. Green Screen-Chrome Key Room
    Adds a greenscreen, redscreen, and bluescreen room to the game so you can take pics and use photoshop on them properly. Semi-lore friendly.
  25. The Imperial Legion Badge
    When you join the Imperial Legion, you can only receive orders if you're wearing the correct outfit. This changes that so you just need to be carrying this badge. Sort of like a police officer. Lore friendly.
  26. JMK's Heartwood Fix
    Fixes an annoying glitch with Telvanni architecture that would remove the green texture for some reason. This happens to me frequently but it doesn't seem common amongst other players. Lore friendly.
  27. KAGZ Trophy/Plaque Resource
    Allows you to keep trophy's of the animals you kill. Bloodmoon Version Here. Lore friendly.
  28. Kiras Filled Soul Gem Sellers
    Allows you to buy filled soul gems, as well as an optional file that makes enchanting much easier and allows enchanting constant effect from any soul gem, increases prices of soul gems for balance. Lore friendly.
  29. Kummu Monastary V1.2B
    Adds a monastary near the Shrine of Kummuu. Not lore-friendly since it uses Indoril architecture, which is found nowhere in Vvardenfell. Not lore friendly.
  30. Less Generic Nerevarine
    Overhauls the dialogue of many NPC's. Semi-lore friendly
  31. Living Statues of Malacath
    Adds living statues in Malacath's visage in his shrine. Surprisingly lore-friendly.
  32. Lock Bashing
    Allows you to bash locks like in previous games
  33. Marksman Overhaul
    Exactly what the title says. Great for archer characters. Lore friendly.
  34. Moon Sugar Plantation
    Adds a Moon Sugar Plantation northwest of Caldera for all your Moon Sugar needs. Lore friendly.
  35. Morrowind Purple
    Change the menu color to purple! Go to the maker's profile for many more colours. Lore friendly.
  36. Museum of Artifacts Improved Expanded v1.2
    Expands the Museum of Artifacts. Lore-friendly, but will interfere with other Museum of Artifacts expanders, and wont add artifacts from other mods. Not lore friendly, as many items added to the museum are not known to exist in lore.
  37. MWSE Containers
    Adds various containers including a keyring. Lore friendly.
  38. Neo's Unique Creatures
    Some creatures in the game have unique names, but look the same as every other enemy. This mod gives creatures with unique ID's a unique look. Lore-friendly. Lore friendly.
  39. Nighttime Door Locks
    NPC's lock their doors at night. Great for an immersive thief character. Lore friendly.
  40. Oblivion Style Interface
    Makes the interface look more scroll-like. Lore friendly.
  41. Playable Ashlander Hairs
    Lets you have the various hairs of the Ashlanders. Great for an ashlander character. Lore friendly.
  42. Romance
    Allows you to romance, marry, and have children with NPC's. I have yet to try this mod. Lore friendly.
  43. Scroll Daedric Alphabet
    Adds a scroll next to the normal scroll with translations of each Daedric rune so you can translate anything daedric. Lore friendly.
  44. Sgaileach's Illustrated Book of Alchemy
    Sick of looking up alchemical ingrediants and potion formulas? Look no further. This mod adds a book with info on mixtures for what I imagine is every potion in the game. Lore friendly.
  45. The Shrine of Mephala
    Remember the Shrine of Mephala in the vanilla game's Morag Tong hideout? Not much of a shrine right? Well this fixes that. Also adds new faces, hairs, weapons, armour, and clothing. Not lore-friendly, but a great mod none the less. Semi-lore friendly.
  46. Shrines - Restore Health and Cancel Options
    In the vanilla game when you pray at a shrine, you cannot cancel or have a "restore health" option. This fixes that. Lore friendly.
  47. Skill Progress V2.0
    Allows you to view your skills as you progress, as well as attributes. This helps you to better know when you'll get that bonus x5 multiplier when you level up. Great to use instead of writing it all down on paper. Lore friendly.
  48. Slave Escort V2.01
    Allows you to escort any and all slaves to the Argonian Mission and a few other areas where you will be rewarded for freeing slaves. Lore friendly.
  49. Sleeper's Awake V1.10
    Remember those dreams you have during the main quest where Lord Dagoth Ur talks with you? This voices them. Not lore friendly, as this is not his real voice.
  50. Speechcraft Rebalance
    Rebalances Speechcraft to be more fair. Lore friendly.
  51. Spell Cast Reduction
    Makes spells cost less. Makes game less difficult and therefore less fun. Lore friendly.
  52. Starfire's NPC Additions V1.11
    Rather than using Morrowind Comes Alive, I prefer this mod. It adds various NPC's in towns to make it seem more full and lively rather than being so dull and empty like in vanilla Morrowind's towns. Lore friendly.
  53. Take Notes
    Write on paper to take notes in game! Lore friendly.
  54. Thief Experience Overhaul
    Exactly as the title says. Great for thief characters. Lore friendly.
  55. The Tribe Unmourned
    Adds unique dialogue to all 6th House members. I have not yet tried this mod. Not lore friendly.
  56. Threads of the Webspinner Completed
    Provides a new way to find the Threads, return them to Mephala, gives you a home, and increases difficulty of writs and sanguine items quests. Lore friendly.
  57. Tower of Vos
    Makes Tel Vos taller and larger over all, making it look truly worthy of our friend, Master Aryon. Semi-lore friendly.
  58. Undead: Arise from Death V3.5
    Adds various undead creatures to the game. I have not yet played this mod. Not lore friendly.
  59. Unofficial Romance Mod Addons
    Addons for the Romance Mod. Lore friendly.
  60. Uvirith's Legacy
    Adds a large amount of features to your Telvanni Stronghold that are too much to put in a single description on a website such as this. Sort of lore-friendly. Lore friendly.
  61. Vampire Concealment
    Allows vampires to wear helmets to cover up their identity as a vampire and talk to people normally whilst wearing the helm. Lore friendly.
  62. Vampiric Embrace V2.4
    Makes being a vampire more immersive and adds a TON of features, many of which include letting your victims become followers that worship you. I have yet to try this mod. Lore friendly.
  63. Von Slave Market
    Adds slaves in Vos and Tel Vos. Requires Fligg's Slave Mod. Lore friendly.
  64. Webspinner
    Adds the Threads of the Webspinner to a chest after you give them to Eno Hlaalu so you can take them upon becoming Grandmaster. Lore friendly.


  1. Antares Creatures - Cecaelia - More Tentacles
    Makes Anatre's Cecaelia topless. Not lore friendly.
  2. Better Beasts
    Makes Argonians and Khajiits more adult. Better bodies does not replace khajiit nor argonians, so I use this to do the job. Lore friendly.
  3. Better Bodies 2.20
    Replaces your character + NPC's bodies. Includes nude version, or underwear version. Does not include Argonians and Khajiit. See above for those. Lore friendly.
  4. Dark Club
    Adds a Strip-Club near Balmora. Lore friendly.
  5. Ebonheart Gentleman's Club
    Adds a strip-club just outside the walls of Ebonheart. Lore friendly.
  6. Earthly Delights
    Fixes the AI of strippers so they dance more often and longer. Lore friendly.
  7. Femmons
    Makes the Golden Saints, Winged Twilights, and Spriggans more "adult". Lore friendly.
  8. For Love or Money
    An adult mod. I have yet to try this mod. Lore friendly.
  9. Mistress Tilani - an Adult Mod
    Adds a mistress and lover to the game. Lore friendly.
  10. NPC Commands V8
    Adds various NPC commands. Lore friendly.
  11. Nude Almalexia
    Makes Almalexia nude. Lore friendly.
  12. Radio's Strip Club
    Adds a strip-club in Balmora. The place is small and since strippers stop dancing when you get near them, many strippers will stop dancing upon navigating the club. Lore friendly.
  13. Sexy Creatures
    Makes Dremora, Winged Twilights, Golden Saints, and Spriggans sexier. not lore friendly.
  14. Simple Prostitution System and Add-ons
    Adds prostitution to the game. I have yet to try this mod. Lore friendly.
  15. Undress for me
    Lets you command any and all NPC's to undress if your desposition is high enough. Lore friendly.

Mods I've Created

  1. Ald Vehk
    Adds a tall Daedric Tower North-northwest of Tel Fyr that acts as a player home. Not lore friendly.
  2. Ashlander Camps Expanded
    Expands the Ashlander Camps ever so slightly. Lore friendly.
  3. Cleansing Ash Statues"
    Allows you to turn in Ash Statues for cleansing for gold in return.
  4. The Dance of the Three Legged Guar
    Adds the book "The Dance of the Three Legged Guar" as well as the protagonist of the book to the game. Not lore friendly.
  5. Darkerwind
    Makes Morrowind Darker through various means. ONLY choose one of the .esp's, not both. Lore friendly.
  6. Dwemer Artifact Service Refusal
    Keeps you from selling or trading Dwemer items, much like Moon Sugar and Skooma, as it is stated in lore that Dwemer items are illegal. Lore friendly.
  7. Fargoth's House of Earthly Delights
    Replaces strippers in Desele's House of Earthly Delights with Fargoth. Not lore friendly.
  8. Female Dunmer Purple Eyes
    Changes the eyes of all Dunmer females to purple. Lore friendly, as Karliah in Skyrim has purple eyes.
  9. Grandmaster Homes Expanded
    Adds an extra room to the Vivec Mages Guild, Vivec Thieves Guild, and Ald'ruhn Fighters Guild headquarters. Lore friendly.
  10. Immersive Outhouses
    Adds various outhouses throughout Vvardenfell. Not lore friendly, as it's unknown if outhouses or toilets in general exist in The Elder Scrolls.
  11. Imperial Library Obscure Texts
    Adds books from the Imperial Library's "Obscure Texts" page. Not lore friendly.
  12. It's Shia LeBeouf
    Adds a book to the game with a little secret. Not lore friendly.
  13. Majora's Mask Moon - Sun Replacer
    Replaces the sun with the moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Not lore friendly.
  14. Michael Kirkbride Sun Replacer
    Replaces the sun with the face of Michael Kirkbride, former writer for Bethesda and famous in the lore community. Not lore friendly.
  15. Mirror of Egotism
    This mod adds a mirror to the Census and Excise Office in Seyda Neen that allows you to change your appearance at will by dragging and dropping the mirror onto your character. Lore friendly.
  16. MLP Moon Replacer
    Replaces the big moon, Masser, with the moon from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Not lore friendly.
  17. More Gondoliers
    Adds more gondoliers to the cantons in Vivec that previously did not have them, and added an extra place for existing gondoliers to take you to. Lore friendly.
  18. Morrowind Rebirth GMST Revert
    In vanilla Morrowind, various game settings had various values. In Morrowind Rebirth, these were changed. I reverted the values back to their vanilla numbers. Lore friendly.
  19. Mount Assarnibibi Shrine
    Adds a small shrine that serves as a home and contains a hot spring at Mount Assarnibibi, where Molag Bal oversaw the 99 lovers of Boethiah, who gave birth to Almalexia. Not lore friendly.
  20. Ordinator Companion
    Adds an Ordinator companion located just outside of the Ghostgate walls that will follow you around but only cnce you talk with Vivec. Lore friendly.
  21. Webspinner Rewards
    Gives you a reward for each webspinner you bring back to Eno Hlaalu. Lore friendly.
  22. Well Houses
    Adds several wells across Vvardenfell that lead into various new homes. Lore friendly.
  23. Whispers Softly a Prostitution Mod
    Adds an argonian hermaphrodite to the House of Earthly Delights for you to have fun with. Lore friendly.
  24. Windows of Vvardenfell
    Adds various windows to Hlaalu and Telvanni houses. Lore friendly.